Unfortunately, the orphanage system in Medellin is severely lacking.  Many orphaned children are placed in a house with little activity or educational services.  Many children grow up in this system and age-out with no skills, education, or trade.  Often these children end up on the street begging, stealing, turning to drugs and prostitution.  

Apart from the disrespect for the human potential, this situation contributes to the following societal issues:

  • Increased homelessness
  • Decreased public safety
  • Overloaded prison system
  • Public and environmental cleanliness 
  • Increased cost to the tax payer
  • The general decline and weakening of society
  • Poor city/country internal/external image
  • Overall damage to city / country GDP

We, at OLSA International, through the OLSA Foundation and your help, believe that we can provide life-changing opportunities primarily for these orphaned children, but also for the city and country as a whole.

Your donation to our project Resilience will help create an orphan-only kindergarten through high school + trade center in each of the cities OLSA International places its schools.  These students will have the opportunity to receive a full, bilingual (Spanish / English) education and learn a marketable trade (mechanic, cook, webpage design, etc.), with which to begin their life, honorably.

Remember that these children did not make the choice to be orphans, they were abandoned by their parents for whatever circumstance.  With your help, we won’t abandon them again.

Be a brick in the foundation of another’s life!

The monthly costs for Project Resilience will vary from location to location, as will the student population reach.  We estimate that for a school of approximately 480 students (two classes of 20 for each grade level), costs will be as follows:

Monthly administrative costs in USD – General Manager, Campus Director, Area Directors, Reception, Accountant, Accountant’s Assistents, Building Maintenance, Recorder (approximately 14 persons) – Total Salaries of $8,000 USD per month.
Monthly teacher cost in USD – 29 Classroom Teachers, 10 Classroom Aids – Total Salaries of $19,000 USD per month.
Monthly rent and services costs in USD – Rent, Utilities, Supplies, Transportation, Miscellenous Expenses – $14,000 USD per month.
Total expenses per month approximately $180.000.000 Colombian pesos, or approximately $41,000 USD per month.

Project Resilience is scheduled to start as soon as OLSA International is able to purchase and renovate a building for the project.  Any donations for this project will be held in reserve until end-of-year 2025, at which time The OLSA Foundation will vote to either continue to hold the donated monies for Project Resilience, or transfer the donated monies to Project Opportunities Through English within our same foundation.