Medellin is separated into income-level neighborhoods, called “estratos“.  These go from estrato one to estrato six.  The higher the estrato, the more well-off you are financially.  The lower the estrato, the less well-off you are; possibly living in shanties in the foothills of Medellin with little to no electricity or formal plumbing.

We, at OLSA International, believe a person, with hard work and dedication, really can “change their stars.”  With your help, and through OLSA Foundation’s Project Opportunities Through English, we would like to provide a full 6-month scholarship for up to 180+ students (scholarship quantity will depend on previous six month donation.  Surplus donations will allow for additional classes in donated facilities within designated neighborhoods), from estratos one, two and three, for our conversational English classes taught by our native English-speakers from North America.

Scholarships will be awarded through an open essay contest answering questions similar to:  “Why do you want to learn English?” and “What affect will learning English have on your future?”  A panel will read through all of the essays and assess them based on three criteria:  enthusiasm, vision and clarity of thought.  Scholarship recipients may also receive a transportation stipend, if needed, and must apply every six months to continue their English courses. 

Mensual de los gastos administrativos en USD – General Manager, Campus Director Estadio, Campus Director Manila, English Director, Reception Estadio, Reception Manila, Accountant, Accountant’s Assistent, Building Maintenance Estadio, Building Maintenance Manila, Recorder – Total Salaries of $4,900 USD per month
Mensual maestro costo en USD – 5 teachers at Estadio campus, 5 teachers at Manila campus, 1 online teacher. – Total Salaries of $5,000 USD per month
Alquiler mensual y los costos de los servicios en USD – Rent, Utilities, Supplies, Transportation, Miscellenous Expenses – $5.100 USD per month
Total expenses per month approximately $70.000.000 Colombian pesos, or approximately $15,000 USD

Be a brick in the foundation of another’s life.